1. The Pretty Paperie is an un-moderated website, and so we have put in place policies and procedures which aim to make it easy and simple to report any inappropriate content

2. The Pretty Paperie will ensure that there are buttons encouraging users to report inappropriate posts on all pages of the website that contain user-generated content.

3. Users wishing to report inappropriate material will contact us via the contact form on the website, detailing the nature of their complaint and providing contact details for our website to follow up.

4. The website administrator will edit or take down any posts which contravene the website’s terms of use. This will be done on the day of receipt of the complaint where possible, and always within two days of receipt.

5. Companies are issued with a review link when they become a member that they can use to email their customers to receive a The Pretty Paperie rating. We will work with installers to identify causes of low ratings and we reserve the right to remove company profiles from the website if a member receives consistently low ratings.

6. If for any reason this complaints policy is not adhered to The Pretty Paperie will apologise in writing to the person making the complaint.