Ideas on how you can prepare the homemade hair mask with the help of fruits?

My schedule home itself is a simple process but it is very important to do the procedures properly. Many people will like to make use of products that do not contain any sort of chemicals and that is only possible only if you go by the organic method. With the help of fruits, there are high possibilities for you to make the hair mask. Here are some of the ideas on how you can make homemade hair masks using fruits to get a clear idea about it and the procedures that have to be done you can continue reading this article which will help you when you are in the process.

Procedures that have to be followed

For the fruit hair mask recipes, you need to 1st decide about which fruit do you wanted to apply to your hair. Read a lot of papers that have a majority of fruits that are quite edible and also support the growth of your hair.

homemade hair mask

Make sure that the fruit you use does not cause you any harm and, commonly, every fruit can cause you common cold and that doesn’t matter. If you make use of them more than thrice it will make your body to get trained to it and later you will also enjoy in wearing them.


  • fruity hair masksIf you wanted to make the DIY fruity hair masks the first thing that you have to do is select the fruit.
  • Allow them to get ripen completely so that when you crush them this will turn into a colloidal liquid.
  • After that, you need to bring them into a mixture with the help of a whisk. Over that, you can add some of the essential oils or any other vitamin source that may even enhance the growth and also the power of your hair.
  • Now you just need to apply them all over your head mainly the liquid should touch your scalp region.
  • Leave them for some time and you need to wash them in cold water. Then you will have to dry them in natural air without putting any sort of dryer.

These are quite some of the ideas on how you can prepare your hair mask organically. You need not depend on the products that are available in the market instead you can prepare your own as like how you wish.