How can you fix a broken nail at your home itself?

The more conscious women will be to watch their nails. At some point in time when you work at your home, it will automatically make your nails get broken away. At that instance you will like to fix them back and there are some of the ideas to fix a broken nail at home to you know about the simple steps that you can apply to fix them back then you can continue reading this article which will be helpful for you when you face this kind of problem.

How can you fix a vertical split nail?

If you wanted to fix a vertical split nail before they get split even harder you can make use of the glue which will be able to fix both the nails together in a proper way.

fix a vertical split nail

Make sure that you do not apply the glue in large amount instead you need to apply them very little so that this will stick to each other easily.

Artificial nails

Another way if you are out of your nails then you can even make use of the artificial nails which will also contain glue along with it where you need to apply the glue to the artificial nail and just stick over your natural nail. After that, you can even shape them according to the size you wanted them to be.


This kind of bag will also be helpful for you to stay away from the break where you just need to cut a small piece and place them over the cut region. Let them dry for some time by applying a small quantity of glue over them and then you will be able to fix them back.

These are some of the tips for splitting nails that you cannot apply at your home itself without the help of anybody. Make sure that each step you carry is properly or not.