Ideas on how you can remove the cuticle from your nails

The main process for every woman to handle the manicure is to remove the cuticle that will be present over her nails and this will not give you a good look if you plan to apply nail police over it. This will act as an obstacle when you nail Polish them. In case if you wanted to remove the cuticle but you do not find any shops that are available outside to give you the best service then you can handle them by your wound at your home itself and here are some of the DIY cuticle remover methods that you can follow to do the process in the right way. Following you will be able to find the steps on how you can remove the cuticle from your fingernails and you can continue reading this article to know about them.

How to remove them?

The process of removing fingernail cuticles will not be that much difficult at the same time it is very important to do the process properly. The cuticle part will be present right above your nail bed which will also be stuck along with your skin. Removing them and playing nail Polish over it will give you a good look.


  • If you wanted to Remove cuticles without cutting then you can make use of the gum which will be able to remove a cuticle simply.
  • For that, the first step is you need to buy the glue that is available in the market for good quality.
  • The second step is you need to apply them over the cuticle region and leave them as such for about 5 minutes, and this process has to be followed for all the steps.
  • Later with the help of the cuticle remover, you need to remove the glue slowly without making your skin gets damaged.
  • Now you’ll be able to see your nails without the cuticle region and this will be suitable for you when you wear nail polish over them.

With the help of this article, you would have got an idea about the cuticle remover home methods that you can follow. Properly make use of the product so that you will be able to get the best result that you are expecting.